About myselfand what motivates me

I am Mirjam Boode and am a mother of three teenagers. Since the summer of 2018, I live with my family in France, just north of Geneva between the Jura and Lake Geneva.  Because I want our planet to remain liveable for future generations, I am concerned about the climate and the use of our planet’s resources. I am striving to change my behaviour in my private life: eating less meat, more regular use of my bike, recycling in all forms, use of green energy and driving a hybrid car, amongst others. I consider myself lucky to have been born in the Netherlands, where I consciously supported asylum seekers as a volunteer.

As a communication consultant, I have done many projects with a focus on sustainability. I enjoy working as a communication consultant and project manager for organisations that want to contribute to a sustainable society by pursuing social, economic, and environmental sustainability goals. How would the world look like if every business used its power to contribute to a healthier environment with stronger local communities, offerings jobs with dignity and purpose, and reduceing inequality and poverty? Sustainable goals give opportunities and lead to profit, as more and more consumers and employees appreciate this.