From analysis to strategy and implementation

As a freelancer, I am used to find my way quickly in any new assignment and in any new organisation. Outsourcing a job to me, therefore takes minimal time. Give me an explanation of the task, some documentation and a few contacts, and I will do the rest. I can develop the communication strategy, draw up an action plan, collect and create the content, as well as the communication tools. If the project needs an internal project team, I can arrange this as well, including project management.  I also coordinate the positioning of the project, in a way that my clients and the projects stakeholders are satisfied with the sustainable values and results.

Collaboration: openness and trust

As a freelancer, I’ll bring more than just my experience. You will also get a fresh look at things that go beyond the assignment. For many of my clients, I have done more than the job stated and often returned for a new task. This makes me an extension, a sparring partner, and advisor for your communications’ department. Assignments are budgeted in advance, on an hourly or project basis, as you prefer. For long-term projects, the hours spent are invoiced monthly. Transparency in work and costs prevents surprises and ensures a pleasant collaboration.