Social media & websites

I have created websites for many clients and projects, creating and writing the structure and content. Subsequently, an external party created the site, and I updated the content in WordPress or Drupal. The same goes for social media such as Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. Again, these media are part of a communication’s plan for me with clearly formulated goals.

Furthermore, we have all recently become more adept with various online meeting techniques such as video conferencing, e.g. Zoom, but also other such as, Whereby, Google teams and online interactive workshops, lectures, and discussions via webinars. I am convinced that we will continue to use this online approach and even develop it further in the coming months and years. We have discovered its use, and it saves time and money. In the future, we will need to find the right balance between online and offline events.

Watch video with interviews with residents to influence the negative opinion of the regional media (shared via social media).