Over the years, I have organised many events such as open days or official openings of large construction projects including wind farms, a gas plant, and also a gas storage facility. I have also organised festivals with various activities for the public, as well as, graduation ceremonies for large groups of students. However, events are not an isolated tool for me. I see them as a logical part of an overall communication strategy. What do we want to achieve with an event? How do we organise the follow-up? For my clients, I coordinate the event from planning to execution, including the answers to the aforementioned questions. If necessary, I can create a project team and hire external specialists to organise the event successfully.


How we deal with the media is an integral part of my communication plans. When is it smart to pro-actively contact the media so that you influence the content yourself? And when is it better to formulate questions and answers in advance, so that we can react instantly in case a journalist asks questions? Which moments are newsworthy, and for which media? And who is the best person in the organization to answer questions? Does that person need to practice?

I have experience answering all those questions. If desired, I can also be the spokesperson. Media has been a logical part of all my projects. I also replaced a spokesperson for one of my clients for six months.